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Faun Pharma has several automated packing lines for packing tablets, capsules and powders. Packages differ in shape and size from the smallest of 30ml to the biggest of 15 liters.
The selection is great, and our staff is willing to find the optimal solution in each case.


Due to the postal services rates, Faun Pharma has developed its own special packaging adapted for mailing: Smartboks®. Smartboks® has superior properties in terms of mailing, for example. It is developed in hard plastic, airtight and can withstand rough treatment.

The box volume is 110ml, and can hold up to 90 tablets or capsules, depending on their shapes and sizes.. Standard color is white but Smartboks® is also available in a variety of other colors. The outer dimensions are H98mm x D25mm x B66mm. Please contact us for further information about our Smartboks®.