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Blisters, boxes

Tablets and capsules are most often packed in boxes or in so called blistersboxes.

In a blisterbox added tablets appeares in individual pockets stamped out in PVC foil, which is then covered with aluminum foil. Blisters with tablets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and typically contain 20, 30, 60 or 120 tablets / capsules per sheet.

Blisters are then packed in cartons in our efficient fully automatic packaging lines.

Aluminum foil can optionally be supplied with pressure, and can reinforce the product's profile further. 

Adapting to Post's postal rates

Faun Pharma has the opportunity to deliver your products packed in boxes which is within demands of the Post's lowest postage rate (max. Height 2 cm). We have now adapted the production of fully automatic packing in this box format, and therefore pleased to offer very competitive prices.
Please contact us for a quote!.